UZPM Founder Rustam Gilfanov Forms the Winter Technologies Group

MOSCOW, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —

Rustam Gilfanov, the founder of the Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM, Perm Territory), is forming a new business community aimed at creating and developing sustainable growth of existing production sites, including with the involvement of external players. The created structure will be supervised by the management company Winter Technologies Group (WTG).

The main activity of WTG is to combine the best global and domestic practices and competencies in the field of winter technologies, as well as the development and implementation of the most effective solutions.

“The situation in 2020 has shown that traditional production models do not always allow us to respond promptly to challenges. Many large and medium-sized companies found themselves hostage to their own contrivances, which set the task for the owners to revise their asset portfolios, moving to a more mobile system. In the current conditions, the sharing economy solutions are gaining an important role, as large industrial parks are operating, by providing residents with a whole range of services – rent, consulting, logistics, engineering, research and others. By creating our community, we are aiming to introduce this model into Russian conditions, assessing its prospects and relevance in the interests of our companies and partners.” – said Rustam Gilfanov, UZPM founder, chairman of the WTG Innovation and Strategic Development Council.

WTG is an ecosystem of companies united by common values and mission for the successful development of each company and the entire group.

Remaining independent and self-reliant, partners of the business community create a comfortable business environment within the community for each enterprise, relying on the principles of partnership, mutual respect and compliance with the law.

One of the tasks of the WTG is to support successful Russian projects, primarily in the field of winter maintenance, and bring them to the global level.


Winter Technologies Group (WTG) is a community of companies combining the world’s best competencies and technologies, and specializing in the development and implementation of innovative solutions to create a comfortable and safe life in winter.

The Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM, Perm Territory) was founded by the entrepreneur and scientific researcher Rustam Gilfanov in 2007. UZPM unites a research center and production facilities in the Perm Territory and in the Moscow Region.

According to official statistics, the use of UZPM products significantly reduces roadway accidents and injuries to pedestrians in winter. It is used in more than 30 regions of Russia. Official anti-icing material for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Multiple winner of the All-Russian competition “100 best goods of Russia” by Rosstandart.

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About UZPM

Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM) was founded in 2007 in Russia, by a Perm entrepreneur Rustam Gilfanov, now a recognized expert in the field of winter road maintenance. Today UZPM is the largest Russian manufacturer of modern multicomponent eco-friendly deicing materials and applications.

The flagship product of the enterprise – a multicomponent “Bionord” – is produced using innovative and unique technology called “single granule,” which was developed based on the most advanced technologies available as well as world-wide research of deicers.

Bionord products are intended for winter and off-season maintenance of roads and sidewalks, airports and other infrastructure facilities. There are special products in the lineup, formulated to melt ice in temperatures below -25C (-13F), and operate safely on concrete (cement) and metal surfaces, such as steel. Bionord products are deployed to combat winter slippery conditions throughout the Russian Federation and outside the country.

Efficiency and safety of UZPM products are confirmed by the leading transport, medical and other research…

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