Open Book Extracts Expands Global Supply Chain Through Exclusive US Distribution

ROXBORO, N.C., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Open Book Extracts (OBX), manufacturer and distributor of the industry’s most innovative and highest quality cannabinoid ingredients and finished products, today announced a partnership with Sanobiotec, a global industry leader for the research, discovery, and development of novel cannabinoids, including CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBDV.

“Sanobiotec is a global hub for cannabinoid research, development, and production, with an extensive team of researchers and scientists to rapidly identify the most promising compounds, and develop methods to produce those compounds at purity and scale,” explains Dave Neundorfer, OBX CEO. “We pride ourselves on identifying promising and innovative companies such as Sanobiotec and partnering with them to grow and accelerate their distribution. We are pleased to enter into this exclusive distribution partnership with Sanobiotec and look forward to increasing awareness and availability of their premium rare cannabinoids throughout the pharmaceutical, wellness, and cosmetics industries.”

Headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, Sanobiotec is the R&D arm of Nativus Group, focused on identifying, developing and producing rare cannabinoids and leveraging their proprietary technology to create novel cannabinoids. Together with the region’s leading academic institutions, Sanobiotec conducts scientific research in order to determine the potential therapeutic benefits of these novel cannabinoid compounds. Last month, Sanobiotec announced the synthesis of pure and stable Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), and they have further developed methods to produce CBN, CBC, and CBDV at commercial scale.

“OBX is the category leader in non-THC cannabinoids, with a reputation for providing their clients with innovative, high quality ingredients and unparalleled service,” said Rytis V. Urbonas, CEO at Sanobiotec. “Through our exclusive partnership with OBX and their well-established distribution network, we are pleased to accelerate distribution of Sanobiotec’s rare cannabinoid ingredients in the US market.”

The OBX distribution network includes the world’s largest CBD brands as well as established CPGs, multi-state operators, contract manufacturers, and research laboratories. OBX further enhances their reach through commercial distribution partnerships with Prinova, Peter Bodill Agencies in South Africa, and OBX Asia headquartered in Hong Kong.

Since the announcement of their acquisition of Chilmark Labs in June, OBX has quickly become the industry’s leading source of pure, rare cannabinoid isolates. In September, OBX announced the successful consolidation of CBN production to OBX headquarters in Roxboro, North Carolina, allowing for expanded production capacity powered by their cGMP operations and team of world class scientists. In addition to CBN, OBX also produces THCV and CBDV at their North Carolina facility, all at greater than 99% purity.

In addition to cannabinoid isolates, OBX also offers custom-blend THC-free broad spectrum distillates that can be tailored to meet customer specifications, water soluble powders and liquids, and a portfolio of finished products including edibles, soft gels, tablets, tinctures, and topical products. Their in-house formulation team can also support product development for private label manufacturing.

For those interested in learning more about Sanobiotec’s rare cannabinoid isolates as well as OBX’s products and services, please reach out directly to Nicole Brown, Chief Commercial Officer, at [email protected].

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