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The most recent COVID-19 relief bill included a historic $4 billion investment in access to vaccines globally, but beyond that, Congress has done virtually nothing so far to respond to the pandemic and its secondary impacts outside this country.

Things aren’t looking good. Global hunger will double, according to World Food Program projections. UNICEF estimates that 80 million children are at risk of preventable diseases like measles and polio. We are badly losing the right against AIDS, TB, and malaria.

I call on our senators and Congresswomen Cori Bush and Ann Wagner to get to work passing an emergency COVID-19 package that includes $20 billion for global relief to mitigate the consequences of COVID-19, including hunger and malnutrition in low-income communities.

Yara Changyit-Levin

Town and Country

Time for Hawley, Hill

to find new jobs

According to the U.S. Constitution, Sen Josh Hawley and Missouri state Rep. Justin Hill must resign. The 14th Amendment, section 3 states: No Person shall hold elected office if they have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against our country. That is what Hawley cheered and promoted and what Hill participated in.

The votes have been counted correctly, the election was legitimate and the results are final and have been certified. No angry, treasonous mob of armed vigilantes, threatening our government can change this. We need to hold these traitors accountable and return our country to a place where our leaders reflect the very best of every kind of American.

It’s time for Josh Hawley and Justin Hill to find a new job.

Ellen Wentz


Metro area needs

efficient vaccination plan

St. Louis Metro requires a plan to efficiently vaccinate. In 1947, New York City successfully vaccinated 6 million people for smallpox, in one month. St. Louis Metro has fewer than 3 million to vaccinate. The logistics and planning challenges are not small.

STL requires the vaccine in batches of hundreds of thousands and a coordinated delivery system to put doses in arms quickly. It requires trained staff to direct, record, document and inoculate. It must be done with COVID safety protocols. The question becomes. .. how can it be done?

Whatever the method, the goal is to inoculate 100,000 people per day to reach 3 million in one month. While not everyone will choose to get vaccinated, we must get as many people as possible vaccinated quickly. As of now, STL has no plan … in place and must create options … I call on our city and county leaders to develop options.

Bob Ray

St. Louis

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