Internships in local government can ease the brain drain

R. Bruce Anderson

We are on the precipice, economists say, of one of the biggest boomtimes in American finance and business to hit since the 1950s. 

This is particularly true for central Florida. With the boom comes a demand for educated workers and future leaders – and public service professionals to guide the process. City government is cross-pressured: The working population is aging, many on the point of retirement; leadership in management is solid, but they are not going to be with us forever.

Fortunately, we have a well-spring of the right people coming along. There are four excellent colleges and universities here producing trained folks, many willing to stay.  The problem, as always, is keeping them here.

“Practical training,” or experience, is a key element. This is especially true in public service – if they are competing for a job that requires training in administration and organizational skills, the best training is on the job.

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