In Danville, supply of O-negative blood needs a refill | Local News


Blood donor

Steven Walker, frequent donor, gives blood in October. 

Danville is experiencing a critical need for Type O-negative blood with more surgeries and emergencies arising following a lull courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sovah Blood Donor Center has three drives planned over the next few weeks but also accepts walk-ins at its blood donor center.

Type O-negative is known as the “universal donor,” Latonya Martin, who works at the donor center, explained to the Register & Bee. It can be given to anyone regardless of their blood type.

“Seven percent of the population is O negative, and whenever we have emergencies, that is what is given to our trauma patients,” she said via email.

Surgeries have increased at Sovah Health, but health care providers currently are able to give blood that’s compatible with patients before a particular procedure begins.

“Emergencies and the lower percentage of O negative donors is what contributes to our O negative supply being low,” Martin said.

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When donating at the Sovah center, all of the blood stays within the hospital, so it’s used for the community. When someone wants to give blood, workers will perform what’s known as a mini-physical, in which they check a person’s temperature, blood pressure and iron levels to make sure it’s safe to donate. There’s also a questionnaire to complete.

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