How Maadho Distributors is Boosting the Supply-Chain for the COVID Vaccination

In contrast to the traditional syringes, these niche syringes are able to extract more shots out of the vaccine vials, thereby, reducing wastage considerably. For instance, in the US, if a low dead space syringe is used to extract Pfizer vaccine from the vials, it can extract 6 doses as compared to 5 doses by a traditional syringe, a staggering 20% difference. Another factor that works in favor of these niche syringes is better returns for manufacturers who are reimbursed on a ‘per shot basis.’ But as even the largest syringe manufacturer in the world is unable to meet the demand for low dead space syringes, the vaccination programs are unable to function at their full capacity.

This is where the global supply chain conglomerate Maadho Distributors has come forth to the help of governments in multiple countries. Being a leading global importer and distributor of low dead space syringes, this enterprise is the missing piece in the global vaccination program. With over 20 years of international experience and a tenured footprint in multiple countries, Maadho Distributors is offering supply programs for low dead space syringes across the world. Through its full-spectrum value-added solutions, the enterprise has been offering specialized allocation programs for low dead space syringes to healthcare systems in multiple countries. Additionally, Maadho was able to overcome supply shortages for medical waste containers by strategically partnering with manufacturers to purchase PVC raw materials, which are required to make sharps containers for medical waste.

With a name as reliable as Maadho Distributors now dedicating its logistical network to the COVID-19 vaccination programs across the world, is a decisive step in the fight against the pandemic.

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