Home Depot Foundation provides sanitation supply buckets for teachers | News

Last week, the Home Depot Foundation delivered buckets full of classroom cleaning supplies to schools throughout the region, including Belle-Shivers Middle School in Aberdeen. Beginning Feb. 1, applications can be submitted to provide for other schools in the next round of funding.

In Monroe County, Smithville High School was awarded $2,780, and Belle-Shivers Middle School was awarded $2,965 in grants through the Home Depot Foundation.

“It’s an unlimited amount they give us on the buckets for the schools so if we can get every school, that will help them,” said Latoya Fields of Tupelo’s Home Depot.

The buckets include items such as Clorox disinfectant wipes, Klean sanitizing wipes, Zep sanitizer and disinfectant spray and paper towels.

“The teachers have been very excited about these cleaning supplies. Sometimes we may have to go out and buy some or they may have to provide it on their own expense, but this is going to be wonderful for them to do that extra thorough cleaning so we can make sure the classrooms are clean,” said Belle-Shivers Middle School Assistant Principal Lisa Leatherman.

When students have tested positive or known to have been exposed to COVID-19, classrooms are thoroughly cleaned. She said hourly sanitation is done, in addition to supplies provided through the school district.

“Since COVID hit, I know it was a top priority of the district that we were going to take care of our scholars, teachers and staff. From the very beginning, we started ordering supplies and sanitary sprayers. Sometimes it’s been hard to find it, but the district has gone above and beyond to make sure we have cleaning supplies,” Leatherman said.

Belle-Shivers Middle School eighth-grade technology teacher Pamela Brock helped coordinate the local effort and thanked Fields and the Home Depot Foundation for this contribution and other previous ones to the school.

“Some of us have paid out of our pockets, and this is a wonderful thing for our teachers. These supplies are greatly appreciated,” she said.

Any Monroe County school district interested in applying for the sanitation supply buckets may contact Fields at Home Depot by calling 840-8390. She can begin to prepare applications ahead of the Feb. 1 opening date.

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