Hacked drones and destroyed logistics are the future of cyber warfare

An air force member of the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment near Castres, southern France. (Via Fred Marie / Hans Lucas, Reuters Connect)

“If you think any of these systems will work as expected during the war, you’re deceiving yourself.”

This was Bruce’s reaction to a conference hosted by the United States Transportation Command in 2017. After learning that computerized logistics systems are rarely classified and are on the Internet. This may be necessary to stay in touch with private companies like FedEx during peacetime and when fighting terrorists and rebels. But in the new era of confronting China and Russia, it is dangerously self-satisfying.

Our military system vulnerableWe need to confront the reality of aggressive cyberattacks by stopping the purchase of unsafe weapons and support systems and incorporating the reality of aggressive cyberattacks into our military plans.

In the last 10 years, the army has Cyber ​​command And Developed Cyber ​​war DoctrineHowever, much of the current debate is about attacks. Increasing your attack capabilities without securing them is like having all the best guns in the world and storing them in an unlocked, unprotected arsenal. They cannot be stolen. They will be overthrown.

At the same time we have seen more and more impudent Cyber ​​attack Along Everyone From criminal To governmentEverything becomes a computer, and those computers VulnerableCars, medical devices, power plants and fuel pipelines are all targeted. Military computers are equally vulnerable, whether they are built into weapons systems or on the desktop that manages the logistics of those weapons systems. The effects include stale effects such as the inability to launch tanks and sophisticated effects such as retargeting missiles in the air.

Military software is rarely more secure than commercial software. The sensitive military system relies on chips manufactured domestically as part of it, Reliable foundry Like programs, many military systems contain the same foreign chips and codes as commercial systems. It’s like everyone in the world uses the same mobile phone, network equipment, and computer operating system. For example Serious concern About 5G network equipment made in China that China may use to install “backdoors” to control the equipment. This is just one of many risks to a regular private computer. Supply chainAlso, military software is vulnerable to the same cyberattacks as commercial software, so there are many of the same risks to the military supply chain.

This is not speculative.Ah 2018 GAO Report He expressed concern about the lack of a safe and patchable US weapons system. According to the report, “In operational tests, [Department of Defense] Despite the routine discovery of mission-critical cyber vulnerabilities in systems under development, program personnel met by GAO believe their systems are safe and some tests I ignored the result as unrealistic. This is the same attitude as a business executive who believes he will not be hacked, and is also naive.

Ann Updated GAO report We’ve seen some improvements since the beginning of the year, but the basic issues remain. DOD now seems to be aware of the issue of lack of cybersecurity requirements, but we still don’t know how to fix it.

Currently, troops around the world are using these vulnerabilities in their weapons systems to carry out operations. When Israel bombed a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, before the attack, Cyber ​​attack About the Syrian Air Defense Force, which showed that there was no threat on the radar screen when the bomber zoomed overhead. In 2018, in NATO exercises in 29 countries, Trident junk char, Cyber ​​weapons were included Suspended Due to Russian GPS interference. NATO is trying to test cyberweapons outside of such exercises, but its scope is limited. In May, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said: Said “NATO computer systems face almost…

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