Editorial: Could Southwest Virginia be a hyperloop hub? | Editorial


All that sounds pretty futuristic. After all, we’re still getting used to having passenger rail extend from Lynchburg to Roanoke, not to mention future expansion to Christiansburg and, maybe someday, Bristol.

Doran says that’s not futuristic enough. “Virginia will never be able to compete, and will never be the best, by dumping billions into last-gen transportation systems as Democrats are proposing,” Doran said in his statement.

He went on to say: “The lack of vision we see in our current leaders amazes me. They are filtering all of their solutions around one data point: Does this decrease carbon emissions? That binary thinking acts as a constraint on solutions and does not bring us anywhere close to solving the very real and debilitating transportation problems we have in Virginia.

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“The cost of living is skyrocketing in Northern Virginia. Traffic is out of control. Jobs, and more accurately job seekers, are increasingly being segregated into regions of Virginia for lack of ease in commuting and efficient transportation options.

“We are locking high-paying jobs into Northern Virginia, and leaving other parts of our Commonwealth behind. What’s worse, there are no real solutions, from either Richmond or Washington, on the horizon.”

On that score, Doran isn’t wrong. In fact, he’s right. Now for his proposed solution: “I am proposing that we construct a HyperLoop hub in Southwest Virginia. Similar in effect to Wytheville being the current road and Interstate hub of Southwest Virginia, this new installation will be the Hyperloop hub of the Southeast United States.”

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