CN Logistics (2130.HK) Partners with Redress to Promote Energy Conservation and


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Green Logistics Wins Support from High-End Fashion Brands

CN Logistics Partners with Redress to Promote Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction in Hong Kong and Macau


[Hong Kong – 3 May 2021] A well-established international logistics solutions provider, CN Logistics International Holdings Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code: 2130), is pleased to announce that the Group has been entrusted by many international high-end fashion brand customers to provide its green logistics solutions, which covers consultation on green logistics and carbon footprint reduction, as well as recycling clothes, reusable and recyclable materials and etc. The Group believes that this round of new cooperation not only showcases that our green logistics solutions can address brand customers’ concern on sustainable development, but also further enhance customer stickiness. We believe our green logistics services will attract more new clients and business opportunities with our common goal to promote environmental protection.


CN Logistics has been committed to promote the reduction of carbon footprint and has joined hands with the Business Environment Council to seek reducing carbon emissions in the fashion industry. In March 2021, the Group has announced to commence pilot projects in Hong Kong and China to build a new set of green logistics services for international brand customers, including energy-saving, recycling and new energy vehicle distribution, in order to meet customers’ demand on energy conservation and waste reduction in the supply chain. Since the launch of green logistics services in 2018, the Group has accumulatively obtained 15 fashion brand customers onboard and processed 725 tons of materials. After launching the new set of green logistics services, CN Logistics targets to provide services for an addition of 15 brands in 2021, with an estimation of 70 tons waste reduction every month and a target goal of 7,400 total carbon emissions reduction before the year end of 2021. Since the rollout of new services, CN Logistics has acquired 10 new clients, accounting for 66% of target number, proving how much are these solutions welcomed by brand owners.


Key Indicators of Green Logistics Services




2021 (Target)

Number of clients




Amount of recyclable materials processed (tons)




Amount of carbon footprint reduction (tons)





At the same time, CN Logistics also partners with Redress, a Hong Kong non-profit organisation, to provide integrated logistics services for its fashion product recycling program in Hong Kong and Macau. Redress is the first non-profit organisation in Asia that focuses on promoting waste reduction in the fashion industry. It has 34 recycling points (Details of Redress’s collection points: in Hong Kong and Macau. The organisation resells donated second-hand fashion products according to their maintenance level to raise funds for Redress’ work, donates second-hand clothing to local charities supporting people in need, and also works with recycling providers in order to alleviate the waste problem in the fashion industry. CN Logistics will provide logistics-related support to Redress, ranging from warehousing and delivery services, to sorting recycled clothing. The total solutions will improve Redress’s overall capacity in sorting and redistribution of used clothing, thereby contributing to Hong Kong’s energy conservation and waste reduction.


Mr. Ngan Tim Wing, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of CN Logistics, commented: “With the continuous rise of public awareness on environmental protection in recent years, fashion brands have increasingly valued corporate social responsibility and pursued the…

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