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Chengdu-Europe Railway Adds Momentum to Chengdu’s Rise as an International Hub,

CHENGDU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chengdu in China’s Sichuan Province and Tilburg in The Netherlands, the two cities at the opposite ends of the Eurasian landmass, are now closely connected via an intercontinental railway that spans nearly 11,000 kilometers. In a recent interview with Xinhuanet, Roland Verbraak, general manager of GVT Group of Logistics – the Dutch partner of the Chengdu-Europe Railway, praised: “Not only are our relationships with Chinese partners getting closer, but the two cities of Chengdu and Tilburg have also become sister cities. Chengdu’s international development is progressing well at a rapid pace.”

Goods shuttling along the Chengdu-Europe Railway line have not only spurred economic growth in China and The Netherlands but also deepened links between Chengdu and places along the route, adding momentum to the city’s rise as a gateway linking Asia and Europe.

“Our relationship with Chengdu began with their first visit in 2015, and we quickly reached an agreement,” Roland said. “Our cooperation has steadily progressed over the last few years.”

“Rail transport has clear advantages. The 15-day freight time is much shorter than shipping by sea, and costs are significantly lower than air freight, raising logistics efficiency and increasing capital turnover,” said Roland.

“Chengdu is very beautiful and modern, its people are friendly, and life there is comfortable. I think Chengdu is a very international city, home to not only the consulates of many countries, but also many world-class companies,” Roland noted.

“We are hoping to deepen cooperation with Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and China. I expect our cooperation with Chengdu will only continue to grow,” remarked Roland.

Zhang Xinyao, sales representative at GVT Group of Logistics, added, “This railway has a clear role in supporting Tilburg and surrounding cities. The logistics benefits are especially marked for small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in international trade.”

“Chengdu is developing very fast and becoming more internationalized. It is a match for any city in China,” Roland said. “Chengdu and Tilburg share the same railway line and common interests. We sincerely hope that China and The Netherlands can become more closely connected and develop together, not only economically but also more integrated culturally.”

Roland finished by explaining how he has learned more about China through his connection to Chengdu. In particular, he is impressed by its level of economic development, which is occurring faster than in Europe.

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