Bypass On/Off Button with a “Always On” Power Supply

I would like to run my power supply in an “always on” mode because I think my front panel switch has died.  Can that work or are there edge triggered “handshakes” going on with the button and or green wire node that I would be messing with.  


I ask this because after getting into a completely dead Dell 540S, I have found the power supply will start up when I disconnect its 24 pin motherboard connection and jumper the black and green wires together.  The power supply will not start up when the front panel power button is pressed.  


I am not sure if holding the green to black wire in a permanent shorted condition would allow the PC to run normally.  I was thinking I could just unplug the PC after doing a shutdown from WIN 7.  And then plug in the machine and “hope” it is smart enough to startup if the power supply is spinning.  Crazy?




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