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Aviation Week Network’s Virtual Military Aviation Logistics and Maintenance

Aviation Week Network’s Military Aviation Logistics and Maintenance Symposium (MALMS), a dynamic virtual forum for members of the U.S. military and the aerospace industry come together to discuss process improvements and operational readiness concerns regarding aircraft maintenance, logistics, and sustainment operations, on November 17-18.

The two-day virtual conference and exhibition will provide attendees with an interactive experience that fosters lively conversation, networking, and participation. MALMS is held with the support of the logistics and sustainment leadership of the USAF, Army and Navy, and the Logistics Officers Association. The Symposium drives the U.S. military to partner with the private sector for rapid innovation, process improvements and increased operational readiness.

Speakers and topics include are below and a full agenda is here:

  • Keynote speaker Bruce Litchfield, VP & GM Sustainment Operations, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company.
  • Keynote speaker Steven Morani, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics.
  • Keynote speaker Brigadier General Linda Hurry, Director of Logistics, DCS/Logistics, Engineering & Force Protection, USAF.
  • MALMS Forecast with Brigadier General Jennifer Hammerstedt, Commander, Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, U.S. Air Force; Brigadier General David Sanford, Commander, Defense Supply Center Richmond and Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, U.S. Air Force; and Michael Cisek, Senior Associate; AeroDynamic Advisory.
  • Panel Discussion: Sustainment Program Baseline – Giving Sustainment Equal Standing with Development and Procurement with Shirley Franko, Strategic Sustainment Plans & Policy, DASN Sustainment; and Rebecca Price, Product Support Manager, PMA-231, E2/C2 Airborne Command & Control Systems, U.S. Navy.
  • Panel Discussion: Using Commercial Practices to Advance Military Readiness with Rear Admiral Shane Gahagan, PEO, Tactical Aircraft Programs, U.S. Navy; Roberto Guerrero,Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Operational Energy, U.S. Air Force; Marc Drobny, President, Business Aviation, StandardAero; andBrian Hirshman, Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group.
  • Panel Discussion: Design for Less Maintenance and Maximum Affordability witColonel Joseph Parker, Commander, Corpus Christi Army Depot, U.S. Army; and Mark Buongiorno, COO, Tsunami Tsolutions.
  • Panel Discussion: Digital Tools for Support with Andrew Schaffer, Chief, Logistics CIO Support Division (AF/A4PA) Directorate of Resource Integration (AF/A4P) DCS Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection (AF/A4); Mark Angelo, VP C-17 Services, Boeing Global Services; andMark Failor, Senior Director, A&D/DoD/Auto/Hi-Tech, Infor.
  • Panel Discussion: Rapid Sustainment – Collaboration – Government, OEMS and Small Business with Emily Jay, Director of Contracting, Air Force Sustainment Center, Warner-Robins AFB; Dennis D’Angelo, Executive Director, Air Force Sustainment Center, Tinker AFB; and Lorenzo Marandola, President, M1 Composites Technology. The session is moderated by Colonel Kevin Nalette, Vice Commander, Air Force Sustainment Center, Tinker AFB.

“MALMS Virtual will provide attendees with an interactive experience that fosters lively conversation, networking, and participation,” said Lydia Janow, Managing Director of Events for Aviation Week Network. “As our events have moved from in-person to virtual platforms over this past eight months, we have received wonderful feedback from attendees, sponsors and exhibitors as the industry has continued to network, conduct business and keep our close knit community working together. 

MALMS Lead Sponsors are Boeing, and the Dayton Development Coalition.MALMS Sponsors include Elbit Systems,HAECO,L3Harris,MacroTrac, and the Industry Supporting Partner, Logistics Officer Association.

MALMS offers opportunities to virtually network with other attendees through “speed…

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