Aggressive growth in logistics and transportation

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown changed the way the world functioned. Homes have become offices; shops have turned into warehouses and restaurants into takeouts. As we struggle to adjust to this new normal as individuals, we also see the industry struggling to adapt, scale, and meet this changing world’s demands.

Industries across the world suffered a lot during the lockdown. As governments scrambled to shut their borders to the outside world, and in cases even between cities, factory workers could no longer get to work, bringing the industry to a grinding halt. Production was hit, and as supplies vanished from shelves, both B2B and B2C outlets began to face the heat.

The transportation industry was one such industry that was hit as hard as the others. Still, innovative players such as Trukkin were able to expand and scale their operations during the lockdown. Their agility in pivoting from a mover of heavy equipment to essentials helped them stay in business. 

Increase in demand fuels growth in logistics post lockdowns

The transportation industry in the Middle East bounced back as soon as the lockdowns eased, helping them reach, and in some cases, even exceed the scale at which they were operating before the pandemic hit. The logistics industry has also gotten a massive boost with the sudden increase in demand from regional and international e-Commerce players, making up for the lockdown revenue.

Some numbers

The $300 billion+ logistics industry in the Middle East is growing faster than ever before. Fueled by backlogs and a staggering increase in demand from industries, projections of growth have reached a CAGR of 4.37% by 2027. This growth rate is nearly equal to the projections from pre-pandemic times. Contributing over 10% to the total GDP of the region and employing more than 6% of the total workforce, the logistics industry is a key enabler that is helping millions of individuals bring food to the table and contribute to the regional and international economy.

How can the logistics and transportation industry sustain this growth?

The industry today relies on traditional methods for business growth. However, sustaining this sudden spurt in demand will be difficult. As supply lines resume normalcy, this demand will slowly reduce, thereby affecting the CAGR of the industry as a whole.

The key factors that can help in the sustained growth of this industry include:

A rigid approach to business—including relying on a singular solution can be detrimental to business growth. If your business traditionally shipped glass or construction equipment, a minor investment in adapting to new needs such as last-mile delivery, movement of essentials and utility goods can instil operational efficiency and a steady income flow for a long time to come.

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are facing losses due to the lack of demand. The primary reason for this lack of demand is visibility. Moving your business to the internet will increase your visibility tenfold and will allow formerly untapped sources to be leveraged for business growth. Technology also helps integrate your business with an aggregator, helping you get business from someone who has their hands full.

Many businesses fail to meet the growing demands of their customers due to the problem of scale. Technology comes to the rescue of these businesses by helping them to scale rapidly. Technology helps you find new avenues for growth and investment and sustainably scale your business to ensure continued and long-term success.

How is Trukkin helping the logistics industry meet these new demands?

Trukkin strives to revolutionize the trucking industry from the inside out by empowering everyone involved in the business to reap the benefits of using world-class technology and infrastructure. Using AI, IoT and a well-researched, highly innovative user interface, Trukkin simplifies transportation for everyone involved. Enhancing transparency, demand and profits while reducing…

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